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The nursery, which was created in 1996, grew out of our avid (some would say obsessed!) interest in plants. We have been gardening in Calgary for about 30 years in different locations in the inner city. We are always experimenting with new varieties of plants and new species to see how well they do in our gardens. Every year we plant anywhere from 10 to 20 new varieties to trial.

Our lot is a large (about 1/4 acre), pie shaped property with several mature trees on it. The property has Elms, mountain ash, weeping birch, clump birch, apples, and a couple of full size spruce trees. They are all about 50 years old. After buying the property in the fall of 1991 we began removing the turf. In the Fall of 2000 the last of the sod disappeared and the yard is now various types of gardens with rundle stone pathways throughout. Our front garden (north-facing) consists of a woodland/shade garden. It has several deciduous trees, dwarf conifers, and ferns, Hosta, spring blooming bulbs and lots of other treasures (about 300 varieties of plants). The back gardens consist of 2 rock/crevice gardens, 1 rock wall, a bog/wet bed in full sun, and several general perennial beds in full sun to partial shade. Among our interests are hardy, small flowered clematis (such as the Alpina's, Macropetala's, and Viticella's), dwarf conifers, species peonies, alpines and rock garden plants.

A Selection of Peonies growing under Elms Late May
Bog Garden Early June
First rockgarden and Arbour mid-June
Second Rock Garden mid-June
Perennial Bed mid-September

Dates and Hours of Operation:
We will be open selected days during the Spring and Summer to highlight plants in our garden. We are available at other times by appointment.

If you wish to be notified when our catalogue goes up on our website, which will come out in early April, please Contact Us. The catalogue contains descriptions of the plants that we plan on having for sale. Also it will have a calendar of our open day schedule with address and phone number. W hen you receive your catalogue you can call and reserve plants. When they come in we will put them aside for you to pick up at your convenience.

At this time we have no plans to do mail-order.

Published Articles:
Rundle Wood Gardens has been featured in:
Canadian Gardening (the magazine as well as the television program),
Gardens West and
The Gardener for the Prairies Magazines.
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During the summer of 2001 we attended a conference put on by the International Clematis Society in Portland Oregon. While there we were able to visit the collection of Brewster Rogerson. Here are a few pictures from our visit to his greenhouse.

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